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Maintenance Parts

Maintenance parts are those parts that are subject to wear and tear or require regular replacement. To make sure you order the right product, use our handy vehicle filter. The entire website will then be filtered for your vehicle.


The tyres for the scooter consists of many different models. For example, there are tires especially for the winter with a lot of profile. These tires have excellent driving characteristics that continue to perform well at low temperatures.

The tires on which TT is mounted are fitted with an inner tube. If there is TL (Tubeless) it is mounted without an inner tube. If you have any doubts about the size of your tire you can find an overview on the website. If you can't find it, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Spark Plugs & Caps

The spark plug exists in a number of different variants. To order the right spark plug, it is useful to look at the old spark plug. With our filter it is a lot easier to order a spark plug. Besides spark plugs you will also find spark plug cables and spark plug caps.


The group is summarized with all cables available for the scooter. To choose the right cable, use our vehicle filter. By setting this filter the right cables will be selected for your vehicle.

Chains and Sprockets and Various

For the replacement of a chain or just for tensioning a chain you are at the right place here. Also if you are looking for a new sprocket or extra chain links you can order them here. To protect your chain you will find various models and types here.

Air Filter

The air filter on a moped or scooter has an important function. For the engine to run, a combustible mixture is needed in the cylinder. This combustible mixture, which consists of air and fuel, is detonated by the spark plug. The carburettor mixes these elements with each other. The air filter attached to the carburettor filters out dust and sand from the air. If this dirt gets into the carburettor, fuel will no longer enter the cylinder.

Oil Filters

As the name suggests, the filter purifies the oil and protects your scooter. Dirt particles in your oil can damage the engine. It is important to regularly check your oil filter and if necessary replace it for a new one. When changing your oil filter, it is important to first remove the oil before you start working with the filter.

Maintenance Kits

In these maintenance kits everything is included for a service for your scooter. Each brand has a maintenance package for its models. In these packages you will find these parts:

Brake Parts

Besides brake pads and brake callipers you will find here several brake discs and Novascoot brake fluid. You will also find brake levers and brake lines. Sometimes it is wise to replace both your brake pads and your brake disc. A worn brake disc will wear out the same grooves in your new brake pad and that will be at the expense of your braking power.

Variator Belts

To order the right toothed belt (or v-belt) it is important to pay attention to what brand and model scooter or moped you own. On the page you can set a filter to make sure everything is filtered for your vehicle. This makes ordering a toothed belt a lot easier.

Variator & Clutch

Find in this group all kinds of products related to the variator. Such as variator roller sets, variators and variator sliders. You will also find various clutch segments, clutch bells and clutch discs.