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Polini at EasyParts

The Polini brand was founded shortly after the Second World War and has existed for more than 80 years! Initially Polini had focused on the production of bicycles. The sons of Mr. Polini focused more on the production of light motorbikes. Soon the range was extended to include motocross bikes, minibikes and small supermotards.

This shop was especially created to offer exclusively Polini products. In this way you can be sure that you do not miss any product from this particular brand.  By using the vehicle filter you will find the right products for your moped or scooter. Fill in the brand, model and type and the website will be tailored to your chosen vehicle.

Polini Setup

Polini is not known for special engine parts only. Polini also supplies various parts for the further set-up of your scooter or moped. Like, for example, brake pads, calipers or shock absorbers. To complete the Polini-style of your scooter they also supply various optic-styling items such as hand grips or hand guards.

Polini Engine Spareparts

Polini supplies several essential engine parts designed to grant the best possible performance. For various models there is a perfectly finished crankshaft, optimally tuned cylinder, beautiful exhaust and a CDI/ECU to perfect the set-up.

Polini Outlet

The Polini Outlet is composed of products that are temporarily on offer or no longer in production. In the shop you will find everything such as cylinders, crankshafts, timing belts, shock absorbers and exhausts. We also offer clothing such as T-shirts, vests and windbreakers.